What my clients say ...

A few words from past and present customers

Michelle, 36 from South Shields, trained with me for several years:

"I have been training with Ian for about a year now and I love our sessions. Ian is such a positive and motivational trainer and he pushes me in every session. When we finish training I always feel as though I have achieved a lot and Ian makes me want to work harder. Over the last year I have seen huge gains in my strength and endurance and I am doing things now which I never thought I would be able to achieve. Ian is an excellent trainer and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him."

Les, 40 from West Moor, trains with me at the moment:

“I started training with Ian and I am now nearly 3 stone lighter and have a healthier outlook in everything I do. Ian has given me much needed structure from the varied exercise plans to the evolving meal plans. At one time I used to dread exercise but I have grown to enjoy it and become slightly obsessed to achieve the goals set and with Ian’s help I know this will happen.” Les carried on training and has shed over 4 stone and 10% body fat.


Faye Tozer, 38 (of STEPS), trained with me too:

Faye"Ian was selected as my personal trainer through Now! magazine for the challenge of losing my baby weight in 2 months. My fitness was at its lowest when we first started but with a gentle but challenging start I knew we were on the road to success. Ian compiled an ever changing programme perfectly suited to me and my body. We trained at home as well as at the beach which was fantastic with the fresh air and sunshine!
I am now 2 stone lighter. I went from a dress size 14 to just under a 10. My cardio fitness is at its peak and the everyday challenges of being a new mum are so much easier. I am stronger, fitter, leaner and feeling fabulous. I would recommend Ian to anyone- whatever you want to achieve. " Click here to read the story of the work I did with Faye


Michelle, 43 from Tynemouth, trains with me at the moment:

Michelle"I should have known it was a mistake to pick out a party frock early. After training with Ian and taking his great advice on food and exercise, I had to make a late-night dash to exchange it for a smaller size ahead of my Christmas do. I really wanted to give my fitness a bit of a kick start, but losing pounds from all the right places is a nice bonus. You know how us girls like to look our best...well I'll feel it too." Michelle became an experienced Triathlete and keen strength trainer.


Lee, 43 from Newcastle, trained with me for several years:

Lee"When I first started training with Ian I tipped the scales at 16 stone and could barely do 10 press ups. My rather ambitious target was to complete a Triathlon (with several others from work) and get a respectable time. Last week I competed in a national Triathlon event and finished in the top third of the field, I am 2 stone lighter than when I first started training and have never felt better. The training with Ian has constantly evolved, has never been boring and has been fitted around my busy schedule. Considering my progress, I would not hesitate to recommend Ian to anyone with any level of fitness". Lee moved on to become an IronMan Triathlete.


Lisa, 24 from South Shields, trained with me to shed some weight post-pregnancy:

"I lost eleven pounds during my sessions and have now carried on to lose a full stone. My body feels a lot more toned and healthier. I have dropped a dress size, three inches off my waist and two off my hips and I feel more confident and generally in a better mood. I now enjoy exercise. I lost 3.5% body fat which was higher than the target set. I had weekly sessions and was pushed to my limit but never pushed too far."


Gil, 35 from Newcastle, trained with me and had this to say:

gil"I’ve had several personal trainers in the past and Ian is by far the best and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Aside from being extremely positive and an all-round nice guy, he definitely gets results. I lost over a stone with Ian over the summer and had my passion for running re-ignited. Ian had me race ready for several runs, helped me achieve a personal best in a 10K race and even did a race with me! I found that I was really able to stay on track because Ian was in touch between sessions to find out how I was progressing with planned diet and exercise. It was also really motivating to see my personalised progress on Ian’s web site." .

Sarah, 37 from Northumberland, started training with me to help with injuries:

"I have been working with Ian for three months now, combining Pilates and Indian Head Massage to overcome a chronic neck complaint caused through a riding accident.  Prior to my sessions with Ian I would visit my physiotherapist at least once a week.  It is now 4 weeks since I have had physio on my neck.  I believe that the exercises Ian designed for me followed by the Indian Head relaxation session has been of far more benefit to me than any physio I had previously.  I am now hoping to start riding again in the next few weeks, something I thought I may never do again."

Claire, 32 from Sunderland, trained with me and had this to say:

"I am very happy with the way things have gone, you have really motivated me to get fit.

I am happy with my weight loss, I have dropped a dress size and feel much fitter that before and can really tell I have lost weight.

I really enjoyed the sessions and cannot believe how I could nearly run for a good 30 minutes. My eating habits have totally changed for the better and feel much healthier, am drinking more water and eating more fruit.

I get a buzz from exercise now and now that my programme has finished I will be buying a cross trainer to exercise about 3 or 4 times a week and stick to healty eating."

Tina, 37 from Newcastle, did small group sessions with me to get in shape:

"My friend and I trained with Ian for about 5/6 months. Initially we started with Pilates and continued with it for about 10 sessions .We did it this way to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injury when we started aerobic exercise and it worked. I felt I was getting stronger and fitter after about 5 sessions. It also helped with my stiff shoulder with which I had trouble with until I started exercising. I felt I had more energy and vitality. I gained muscle tone fairly quickly. Once I followed Ian’s diet recommendations I was on the way to losing weight. I had a goal in mind and that was to be fitter, toned and less weight for my holiday and cousin's wedding. Thankfully after Ian’s friendly yet challenging and motivational sessions we managed to achieve our goal. Actually loved the sessions and looked forward to each one as they were always different and didn’t become monotonous. Really enjoyed the sessions. Brilliant!!"