Now! Magazine feature with Faye Tozer

faye 1I was contacted by a journalist working for Now! magazine to see if I wanted to be involved with a project to help Faye Tozer (once in the band Steps) lose the weight she had gained during her pregnancy. The target - to get her toned and down to 9st 6 within 2 months.

We trained 3 times each week, mixing it up with sessions at Faye's home, the beach at South Shields, the beach at Whitburn and Herrington park. Initially I set Faye step targets and gave her a pedometer for the days in between our sessions. As we progressed I had Faye doing measured brisk walks, fasted sprint training in the mornings and core exercises 3 times each week. This was in addition to the sessions with me!

now picFaye's sessions with me were extremely varied to keep her body adapting. We used things such as boxing training, own bodyweight circuits (calisthenics), swiss ball core training and interval training.

Faye worked really hard at her training, and stuck religiously to the nutrition guidelines set by Michelle Hartley, our nutritionist. There wasnt one occasion where a session was cancelled or where she didnt give 100%. Faye had a bikini photoshoot as part of the magazine feature so she wanted to be in the best shape she could.


I'm pleased to say by the deadline date Faye actually exceeded her target. She had gone from 11st 2 pounds to 9st 5 pounds in around 7 weeks. A great result allround.