Create your own "fit club"...

Training for two or more

Training as a couple, be it with your partner or friend, can be an excellent way of encouraging and motivating each other to succeed, particularly between sessions with me when one person might lose focus with exercise or nutrition. Training as a couple is great fun and is a great way of lowering the cost of your sessions if you are on a tighter budget.

I also offer group sessions for up to 6 people. Many people join a gym solely to attend 1/2 classes a week. Why not have your own exclusive classes for you and your friends and have the gym come to you?

Group Training outdoors or at your home

Description Cost Purchase
1 hr group session £45
5 x 1hr group sessions £205
10 x 1hr group sessions £430



If you are preparing for your consultation with me, download the client questionnaire to print and complete.


***A group session is priced on the basis of a "class only" and does not include programme design, nutrition planning and online support.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and no claim can be made for guaranteed results