Happy New Year!

January 5th, 2015

2015 has already seen 3 clients return to training with me. Its great to see old faces mixed in with the new clients I have taken on at the end of last year. Peak time training slots are filling up pretty fast at the moment so get in touch to set up your own training plan.


Go Hard or Go Home

February 8th, 2014

I was featured on a Channel 5 programme in January 2014 helping train 4 ladies from the Women's Institute for a triathlon in San Fransisco. The programme is currently on Channel 5 watch again player (Jan 2014). Try and check it out!



Go Hard or Go Home

August 5th, 2013

Coming in the Autumn this year is a programme on Channel 5 called "Go Hard or Go Home". I was asked to contribute to one of the episodes where we trained up 4 ladies from the Women's Institute of the North to complete a half iron distance triathlon in San Fransisco.

I met the ladies and was their initial knowledge source for Triathlon, I then provided them with a programme to follow to get ready for the event, and then conducted an open water swim coached session with them at Ellerton Park on a glorious hot day in June.

Do they complete the race? I'll keep you posted for when the programme is going to be broadcast to find out.


A short and sweet fat blasting workout...

March 13 th, 2013

Got 10 minutes? Want to burn some fat and get your heart rate up without any equipment? Try this:

1) Warm up by walking 5 minutes or jog on the spot

2) Squats - Plain simple body weight squats, feet hip width, back flat. 20 reps

3) Pressups (or half pressups) - Plain and simple, hands shoulder width. 20 reps

4) Floor climbers - in a pressup position, bring knees in towards chest alternately, Draw navel in. 20 reps

5) Front Plank - bridge position, feet hip width, hands shoulder width, core strong. 10 breaths

6) Repeat the above for 18 reps, then 16, then 14 etc. Reducing the plank by a breath each round for 10 solid rounds.

7) Stretch out fully

8) Eat well afterwards :-)


Bring on 2013

February 12th, 2013

This year's races promise to be fantastic. I have clients competing in sprint and standard Triathlons, half marathons, marathons, the 3 peaks challange, and some first timers taking the first plunge with a 5k run.

I also have clients looking to continue their weight loss, fitness improvements, or rehabiitation from injury. Whatever your own goals make sure you go for them 110% effort.

Good luck to everyone for the year ahead.


Triathlon training

November 23rd , 2012

I'm currently undertaking some training with the British Triathlon Federation, to qualify for my Level 2 Coaching Triathlon badge. This will be completed by March 2013.

I'm always looking to add to my skills base and Triathlon is going to be the up and coming sport over the next few years. Watch this space for organised bike rides, running sessions and swims in 2013. I also have plans for starting a small Tri club, again keep checking back to the site for details.


Great North Run 2012

September 16th , 2012

The Great North Run 2012 was yet again a fantastic event, and this year was really well represented by clients past and present. Well done to Les (personal best), Michelle (personal best), Michelle (amazing performance after an injury earlier in the year), Paula and Tony. Tony deserves an extra mention as this was his 30th half marathon in as many days as part of his challenge (see below).

Well done to everyone though!


Half Ironman

July 8th , 2012

The Cleveland Steelman was probably the hardest event I have ever taken part in. A 2km swim in the lake at Ellerton, followed by a 2 lap bike ride totalling 80km (due to be 90km but due to localised flooding had to be amended), then finishing with an 18 km run.

I completed the race with 2 clients and a clients friend, along with 200 or so other lunatics.

The run especially was challenging having been on the bike for the best part of 3 hours. The "jelly leg" feeling people talk about doesnt come close to the hamstrings on both legs cramping up....

The pic is myself, Chris and Lee, my client who raced to raise money for The Evening Chronicle Sunshine fund, and I'm pleased to say he raised over £1000. Top effort.

I'll be there again next year...


30 Great North runs in 30 days...

June 29th , 2012

My client Tony is back in action with his fridge again; this years adventure being to run 29 great north runs in the 29 days leading up to the race, finishing with the GNR itself, all wearing his 40kg fridge.

He is completing this challenge for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation.

The Shields Gazette ran a story yesterday about Tony and this can be viewed by clicking here

Easily the toughest, fittest and craziest (in equal measures) client I have worked with, I have no doubt he'll complete this challenge.



Hamsterley Trail Race

March 25th, 2012

I was sent the details of what sounds a great race which is taking place in July at Hamsterley Forest, proceeds of the race going to Butterwick House Childrens Hospice Care.

You can download the poster for details by clicking here and you can download an entry form by clicking here



Well done Les

March 8th , 2012

A massive well done to my client Les, who bid £605 and won the auction for a Senegal shirt signed by the Newcastle front line of Demba Ba and Papiss Demba Cisse, with all proceeds going to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

This is Les receiving the shirt from Taylor of the "Taylor and Besty True Faith" podcast.



Cleveland Steelman

February 11th, 2012

My client Lee and I will later this year be taking part in the Cleveland Steelman Half Ironman Triathlon, and Lee is using the event to raise funds for the Evening Chronicle Sunshine Fund. The charity has greatly helped with Lee's little boy Conlan who was born with dysplacia of the hips. Read about the story, as featured in the Evening Chronicle by clicking here.

Lee's just giving page for donations to the Sunshine Fund can be found by clicking here


Races planned this year

January 18th, 2012

3rd week of January already and its time to start thinking about events for 2012. Last year was great for clients and myself alike, lots of PBs, first tryouts at events and some great experiences. A race is always an interesting way of benchmarking your fitness against others, or trying to beat previous times by racing against yourself.

Bring on 2012 and all it has in store:

(some highlights)

  • North Tyneside 10k in April (favourite scenic run) Click here
  • Blaydon Race, 150th anniversary in June Click here
  • Ripon Standard Triathlon in July Click here
  • Allerthorpe Standard Triathlon in August Click here

May see some of you at these races. Whatever your up to in 2012, enjoy....


Tony "the fridge" is in the news again...

October 19th, 2011

My client Tony, who wore a fridge around the Great North Run this year, was on the local news the day after the race, discussing his feat with another man who did the same thing only pushing a patient in a wheelchair around too!

What this footage doesnt show is the moment the cameras turned off, the reporter handed back to the studio, and then creased up laughing at the site of these two fellas trotting along Claremont Road proudly wearing their appliances.

Tony has signed up to another challenge, this time for Sport Relief next year, and is aiming to run from Edinburgh to Newcastle wearing his fridge, whilst his friend - Comedian and Author Tony Hawks does the same through 4 different routes in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.


Prepare for a real workout...

October 1st, 2011

I'm planning on running a Kettlebell class in the Newcastle area starting in October, consisting of varied circuits, interval workouts and progressive challenges to really shift some weight and build fitness. Keep your eyes peeled on my news page for further info to follow....


How to make the Great North Run tougher...

September 14th, 2011

My client Tony is one of the strongest and most determined guys I've trained, and he would have to be as he plans to run the Great North Run this Sunday with a fridge strapped to his back. No really.

Tony has received quite a bit of media coverage from this including features in the Shields Gazette, Journal and Chronicle, coverage on Metro and Real Radio, a mention on Channel 5's "The Wright Stuff" programme, and yesterday we both appeared on BBC "Look North" talking about this amazing feat. Click here to read more about Tony's story.

Tony is doing this to raise money for South Tyneside Football Trust. Sponsor him at www.targetslocated.co.uk/donate


Follow Inspire fitness...

August 5th , 2011

You can follow Inspire Fitness via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit my home page, choose one of the icons for your chosen social networking site and add me.


QE2 Sprint Triathlon 2011

June 5th , 2011

The QE2 Sprint Triathlon was great fun and a top quality race this morning. My clients Lee and Michelle both racing extremely well. Michelle in particular excelled finishing 2nd for her age category.

Slightly disappointing times for me (getting stuck in my wetsuit in transition 1 then forgetting my race number...) but very pleasing to see clients racing really well.



Ashington Sprint Triathlon 2011

April 25th , 2011

I took part in the Ashington Triathlon today, along with 2 clients Lee and Michelle.

A great event, flat bike course and flat run, and some quick times achieved. Well done to Lee on blasting a great run especially and Michelle for completing her first one.


Another event I wouldnt hestitate in recommending for any ability of competitor.


Inspire Kettlebell challenge

March 2nd, 2011

Don't forget to try the Inspire Kettlebell challenge, by clicking the link here or by clicking the button on my home page. Let me know your time and I'll post to my leaderboard.

Some people have done this during a session with me, though if performing alone remember perfect form throughout, split the sets up as much as you like but keep the clock ticking.

**Only to be performed if you are familiar with the lifts involved, not suitable for beginners**

Good luck.


Saltwell Park Road race 2010

December 18th , 2010

I ran the Saltwell Park race again this year, despite the snow and ice again trying its best to scupper the race even being ran.

Quite demanding again but cracked a time of 44 mins 30 secs for the 10k course, and was very pleased with that.



Newcastle Stampede 2010

November 21st , 2010

The Newcastle Stampede, in support of the British Heart Foundation and organised by Royal Marines, was easily the most fun I've had all year in an event. Set in the grounds of Gosforth Park, in and around the race course, it was a 10k multi terrain course involving crawling through tunnels, jumping hay bales, wading through water and bear crawling through mud. Really enjoyable. The pic is me finishing the race, caked in mud from head to foot...


Town Moor 10k 2010

November 14th , 2010

The Town Moor 10k was another great event on Sunday with around 500 people taking part. It was great to have several clients enjoying the race too and they all ran good times. The image below is me starting the first of 2 laps.




Christmas promos

November 10th , 2010

FayeIn the run up to Christmas and the new year, I have 2 new adverts which I am circulating to maintain my client base going into 2011.

Any exisiting clients who display the adverts in their place of work, or anywhere else you think relevant will receive discounted rates for your next booking should the poster generate a successful lead..!


Click on the images on the left and right for a printable version of the adverts.

Many thanks!


Gibside Chapel race

November 7th , 2010

I took part in the Gibside Chapel "Fruit Bowl" race today, organised by the Blackhill Bounders.

A great race, pretty hilly in parts and quite a testing last hill for tired legs. My first attempt at a trail race like this resulted in a time of 43 mins for the course which was just short of 10k.



November races

October 26th , 2010

Quite a few races coming up in November for clients, friends and myself. As ever, Barry Cornelius' site for NE races is the one I generally use. Check it out at: http://www.barrycornelius.com/running/

November 7th - Gibside Fruit Bowl trail race

November 14th - Newcastle Town Moor 10k

Newcastle 21st - Newcastle Stampede, Gosforth Park


Blaydon Race 2010

June 9th , 2010

The Blaydon Race was a fantastic race again last night, not letting the rain and wind put off the thousands that took part.

I cracked a PB of 39 mins and was pretty pleased with that.


The Darlington Triathlon

May 16th , 2010

I took part in the Darlington Triathlon today, and finished with a time around 1 hour 25 mins (still to be confirmed). It was a fantastic event and very well organised and marshalled; one I'd totally recommend.

Well done to my client who also raced, Lee, and a massive well done to Andy, Ian, Chris, Graham and the rest of the lads who raced for the RVI charity.


North Tyneside 10k Race

April 4th, 2010

Another great turn out for the North Tyneside 10k race this year, and a great day for it with only a light wind and dry conditions. I did this years race in 42mins 45 secs, not a PB but a decent run.

This years focus for my own training will be competing in more sprint distance triathlons and trying to crack the 40 minute mark for my 10k time. Watch this space.


Viva sports fitness breaks

March 21st, 2010

Looking for a fitness break with a difference? Check out this great company offering tailored fitness breaks on the island of Mallorca. Highly recommended.



Krypton factor

January 15th, 2010

A client I trained with in 2009 was a contestant on the second episode of the Krypton factor this week on ITV. The Krypton factor is a series of mental and physical tests to push contestants to their limits, and includes the famous assault army course. The show featured a video showing us training with kettlebells on the beach at South Shields.



Now! Magazine feature

November 9th, 2009

NowI appeared in Now! magazine this week, with Faye - a client I've been working with through the summer this year.

Faye's target was to lose the weight she had gained whilst pregnant. Through training with me Faye lost 8% body fat and around 2 stone in weight. Click here to read the full story.




Peterlee Sprint Triathlon

September 21st , 2009

swimThe Peterlee sprint triathlon was great yesterday. 150 competitors took part and I was one of them.

Started with a new Pb for the swim, then a pretty tough hilly cycle route before a pretty routine 5k run to finish.




Ponteland Triathlon

August 16th , 2009

PontI did the Ponteland Triathlon in a new personal best time for the swim, bike and run. Cant ask for more than that! This was a great event, 150 competitors from all abilities and shapes and sizes. I came 52nd overall.




Hull Sprint Triathlon

August 2nd , 2009

mfjuneI took part in the Hull Triathlon today, a 400m swim/20km bike/5k run course which was fast, flat and a really good experience overall! Legs are suffering now but roll on the next one... (Ponteland in 2 weeks time!)





Mens Fitness magazine

June 28th , 2009

mfjuneI'm in the July issue of Mens Fitness magazine. This time I've contributed some thoughts to an article about the downfall of machines in gyms.






Blaydon Race

June 9th , 2009

blaydon raceThe Blaydon Race yesterday was fantastic once again; 4000 people taking to the streets to run the 5.9 mile race. I bettered my time from last year by 3 minutes and ran it in 40 minutes (by my watch), though the official time will be +2/3 minutes due to the filtered start to the race.

I'd totally recommend this race for both newbies and experienced runners; its pretty flat, fast and the crowds at the end really spur you on.



Mens Fitness magazine

April 24th, 2009

coverI've been included in this month's Mens Fitness in the "Trainer talk" section again. On sale in newsagents for £3.80.





North Tyneside 10k Race, Whitley Bay

April 12th, 2009

I ran the North Tyneside 10k race on Sunday from the Parks Sports Centre in North Shields, through to St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay. It was a great run, pretty hot in the sun and a first time at this event for me. I completed the race in 41 mins 27secs; not a PB for my 10k but not too bad.


Magazine feature

March 19th, 2009


I've been featured in the "Trainer Talk" section in this month's Mens Fitness magazine, on sale from shops for £3.80. Check it out.




Inspire Pilates Vol 2 DVD available to order

December 5th , 2008

Just in time for Christmas, my level 2 Pilates workout is available to order (by clicking here). It contains a 30 minute intermediate workout with some new sequences to challenge you further. If youve been to one of my classes and liked the workout then this is definately for you.


Weightwatchers article

July 3rd, 2008

I've contributed to another article on the weight watchers website, the focus being on exercise for seniors. Click here to read it.


Inspire Pilates Vol 1 released!!

May 6th , 2008

My new Pilates workout DVD has been released and is available to buy immediately. Find out about it here





More media coverage

May 5th , 2008

May's edition of City Living is out in Newcastle and Gateshead with my monthly column - this month with a focus on stress and exercise. Read it online here or pick up your copy at the usual outlets.

I've also contributed to another article on the Weightwatchers website. Read the article in full here


Weightwatchers article

March 4th, 2008

I had a mention in an article on the Weightwatchers website last month. Click Here to read it!


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