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Guaranteed better results with a personal trainer

Personal training compared to a gym membership represents excellent value for money. Not only will I put together your programme and update it in between sessions, I will supply the kit needed, ensure you get maximum results, and really motivate you to go the extra mile which you wouldnt do in a lonely gym environment.

Training one to one ensures that you are working towards your own specific goals, and not following a generic one size fits all approach which you will be given in a gym. Training one to one allows you to choose your training venue, your time, and effectively have the gym come to you rather than the other way around.

During your initial 1 hour consultation I may perform a series of tests with you, gather information about your lifestyle, diet, general health and any particular needs, then your personal training programme will be constructed to make sure you exceed your targets.

You will then receive a personalized and tailored programme of exercise, nutrition planning, online updates to your programme and continuous support in between your sessions. I offer a free no obligation consultation where we discuss your goals and lifestyle, run through your data capture, perform a fitness assessment and then see if personal training will work for you.

Personal Training outdoors or at your home

Description Cost Purchase
1 hr session £35

5 x 1hr sessions


10 x 1 hr sessions




If you are preparing for your consultation with me, download the client questionnaire to print and complete.


Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person and no claim can be made for guaranteed results